Helsinki 2013

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"Flesh to the bone"

Suiciderock: Zombie Rock from the North sounds pretty interesting. Would you please introduce yourself and the band for our readers first?
Mr Willy: I'm Mr Willy, doublebass player for Flesh Roxon, a band with bad quality horror stories combined to good quality punkrock.

Suiciderock: As said already you are actually from a town called Kemi in Northern Finland but the band was found in Tampere last year. How did you end up in Tampere?
Mr Willy: Well, I’m a native from Tampere, we met several years ago with Nicky and Pete, two punkrockers from northern town of Kemi. They both moved to Tampere about two years ago and we put up a band so here we are...

Suiciderock: You are combining different elements of Punk and Metal along with Horror themes. How does someone get the idea for that? It’s nothing you hear all day.
Mr Willy: We all love horror movies, especially b-class ones, punkrock and metal so it is kind of natural combination. Check out our brand new music video “Back From Your Grave”, it's kinda like F. W. Murnau and Tim Burton would have a  bastard child together...

Suiciderock: Your Biography describes your style as a dangerous mix of attitude and skill full playing. The thing about the danger must be true indeed as someone tried to set himself on fire when you first met. What about that story? Is it true?
Mr Willy:
That IS actually true...nuff said...

Suiciderock: Since you have a huge interest in B-class or Splatter Horror Movies you surely take your inspiration out of this interests. What are your influences when it comes to the movies and as well when it comes to the music aspect?
Mr Willy: I used to be a huge fan of 80's splattermovies, like Toxic Avenger and of course all other Troma releases, Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre from '74 is of course high on the list, not to mention The Godfather Of Zombies, Mr. Romero's work! This list could go on and on but to mention a few. Music wise it is not too strange to combine horror themes with rock music, from the times of Alice Cooper's “shock rock” to The Misfits' horror punk and the whole psychobilly scene, we're just updating the sound and making our own version of the theme which we call zombie rock. By the way, premiere for our “Back From Your Grave” music video happened to be on a new Texas Chainsaw 3D movie premiere in Finland.

Suiciderock: Another funny story is that your promo pictures were actually taken before the band was really found. You were doing some kind of Photo Shoot when you realised you are still missing a bass player. Why did you do Promo Pictures without having a band in the first place?
Mr Willy: We were talking about putting up a band together with Nicky already a couple of years ago but it sort of like faded away under other projects and bands. About a year ago I got a phone call from Nicky, they had formed Flesh Roxon a couple of months before with Pete. They had a different bass player in the very beginning who had some personal issues and decided not to come to the photo shoots, so Nicky remembered our band plans a couple of years before and called me, so, I listened a few demo songs they had at that time, liked them, took a cab and 45 minutes later, there I was in a photo shoot with a band that I had never played with before.

Suiciderock: Where does your band name come from?
Mr Willy: That's a question for me as well! It comes from the twisted brain of our singer, Nicky. But it sounds cool, like a fucked up retarded cousin of Flash Gordon!

Suiciderock: You have your first record out. It’s pretty fresh since it has been released this year. The album is called “Flesh to the Bone”. It obviously was also inspired by Horror. What can you tell us about it?
Mr Willy:
The album is produced by a well known Canadian psychobillysinger / guitar player, Rene De La Muerte from a band called The Brains. It is an album full of energy, punk attitude and guts'n'gore! Just listen, it will speak for itself!

Suiciderock: Since you are so into that Horror thing. Are there any specials for your upcoming life shows? I mean except the tattoos on your bodies?
Mr Willy: We do have plans for live shows in the future, but don't want to reveal anything until it is confirmed...

Suiciderock: What will await your band this year? Will you tour with the album? Any festivals confirmed yet?
Mr Willy: Album will be released on March 1st, after that we'll start doing gigs. Biggest confirmed at the moment is Rock The Beach at Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki. We'll be playing on a same day with that one German band...what was that called...Rammschwein or something like that... Just kidding, it's an honour to share a stage with the Rammstein, their liveshow is definitely a kick ass!


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